Chad Briscoe


410 S. Simmons Street 
Welsh, La  70591

We able to take care 
of patients all over Louisiana. 

Our specialty is Trach  

Our unit takes care of patients all over Louisiana and we have excellent outcomes.  We have respiratory coverage 24/7/365 days year. 

We also have RN, LPN and CNA care on this unit who have been working with critical patients for years.  Our unit is set up to take patients of all ages from 18 on up and from vehicle accidents, strokes, to a head injury.  We have the experience to handle most cases. 

Wound Care

We now have KCI Vacs at our facility.  These wound care vacs make a big difference in wound care and we wanted the best equipment for our patients.  We do take Medicaid patients who have bed sores. 

Referral Process

It's easy.  You fax over the hospital information and we will send a Liaison to come to the hospital to do an assessment and look at the patient.  After the assessment, our medical team makes a quick decision so you get your answer back within 48 hours, if we have all the paperwork requested.